सोमवार, 7 नवंबर 2011


Each year autumn comes in its rusty attire
Wrapped in burnished gold
The notes of your fragrance
Glitter with the blush of our flaming bodies
As they wear the scarlet of your adornments
And unleash a fresh burst of passion
As we spread the carpet of desires
And catch the fallen leaves of dreams
Dreams realised with each other
Painted with immature hands
In the spring of life
Nurtured with hope
Through driest summer
To brim with passion
In ignited rain
And as autumn comes
A whiff of your scent
Unleashes freshly melted dreams
In this glorious season
Of true companions
Walking arm in arm
Through crunching leaves
Where you can hear
The whisper of my heartbeat
And I can see
The glimmer of your content
We were meant to be
Together through the seasons
Till we learnt to be
As egoless as the fallen leaf
As gentle with each other
As the warm autumn sun
As eager to please the night
As the evenings early surrender
Now that we have lived
These lessons in grace
We are the reason
Of this mature mellow season
In the autumn of our lives
Lies the autumn of our love

1 टिप्पणी:

meeta ने कहा…

" In the autumn of our lives
Lies the autumn of our love ... "
Growing old together and loving each other more with every passing year ...
"In this glorious season
Of true companions . "
Loved your way of looking at autumn Sadhana di . Beautiful !!

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