रविवार, 13 नवंबर 2011


Photo Taken at Jebel Shams ,Oman on 6 Nov 2011 at 2900 m

Evening’s tresses sprawl across the sky
And the dark dusky temptress tiptoes in
As a tide in the sea of our senses
A raindrop of synchronised thoughts
Moistens the dried up memories
The long lost fragrance of your body
Wafts up to our heightened desires
As oceans across we lie supine
On beds on simmering dreams
Which smoulder into a raging fire
And words in colours fly across seas
Sparkling with golden shared moments
Blue with the bruises of broken desire
Sometimes red with a passionate swirl
Taking the silver from promises baked dry
In the cold and lonely moonlight
At times a hint of green envy
As others claim your existence
And create this scintillating display
Of a bridge of dazzling fireworks
Across to the land of forever

Shall we join our hands?
And walk across this fire
No fear of the beyond
Let it be gaping emptiness
The absolute black end
Or a birth again together
To live with one another
Across this bridge to forever

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