शनिवार, 19 नवंबर 2011

It's you !!

When all the world is sleeping ...
in the resonating silence ,
whose footsteps do I hear ,
night after night !

Is that you , my dream ?
Whom I left crumpled by my pillow
when I opened my eyes ...
and just forgot you existed !!

Or is that you , my hope ?
Still young and fresh ,
still brimming with life ,
still unaware 
that you too shall meet the same fate .

Is that you , my love ?
All I remember is
you left as silently as you came ...
on transparent wings .

Oh yes ,
I know you so well !!
You faceless , shapeless shadow 
of an unchanging , ever loyal friend .

My loneliness ,
it's your footsteps that echo
in the silent hallways of my memory ;
and knock at the rusty gates of my heart .

                          - Meeta .

3 टिप्‍पणियां:

अनुपमा पाठक ने कहा…

loneliness is divine if it can be understood with its soul...!
nice pondering!

meeta ने कहा…

@Anupama Pathak - Very nice meeting you Anupama . Thanks for your beautiful comment :)

Na ने कहा…

very evocatively written,Meeta..i agre with anupama's comment..lonliness is divine, something to look forward too.
And it isnt a crime to enjoy being alone

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