रविवार, 18 दिसंबर 2011


As a little life within you nurtured,
How very safe and loved I felt
Nine months you were always around me
Togetherness was at its best

And when after the tedious wait
I finally made a grand show
Your loving arms gently cradled me
Togetherness gave us that glow

Each baby step I took forward
Your heart with joy would squeal
The tiny hurt from each fall
Togetherness would made it heal

As school and childhood friends
Took over my time and yours
You juggled short sleep and long work
Togetherness helped handle chores

You gently nudged me to graduate
From GI Joe’s and racing cars
To Ruskin Bond and Xfiles
Togetherness helped make that start

Today when you woke me up
With warm hugs and milk on a tray
I know your heartstrings tugged
When I gently pushed you away .

I told you I needed space, Mom
Told you I wanted to spread out
The bed’s too small for us both
And I now want to fly out

To spread out my nascent wings
Any try and fly the horizon
The values I’ve imbibed from you
Will surely give me a direction

Just give me your trust, Mom
As I’ve trusted you all these years
All I’m asking for is some space
To make mistakes and earn my tears

I’m still your same little boy
Scared of sleeping alone all through
Who left his room at midnight
And snuggled between you two

I’m still a little scared at thirteen
As I step into the outside world
And I’ll remember your warm touch
When strange people drive me cold

Just give me that little space, mom,
For we always have eternal togetherness
I promise you’ll see me blossom
To a full bloom from apparent nothingness

I promise I’ll come back to our shared music
As my individual string learn notes from cacophony
For only then will the spaces in our togetherness
Complement each other to create a special symphony
Love you, Mom!

- Sadhana .

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