सोमवार, 9 जनवरी 2012

The Heart knows !!

When the night is dark ,
and the moon hides 
behind the clouds ,
and not even 
the faintest glow of stars is visible ...
The Heart knows
that sun will smile through .
It's but a matter of time .

When the wound is deep ,
eyes moist ,
and no shoulder to cry upon ...
The Heart knows
one day the pain will cease . 
It's but a matter of time .

When we start a journey , 
and know not where to go .
dragging tired feet 
in the summer heat ...
The Heart knows 
there is a shade for us , somewhere .
It's just a matter of time .

We may not know ,
But the Heart knows ...
every time .

                     Toshita .

1 टिप्पणी:

डा.राजेंद्र तेला"निरंतर"(Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar)" ने कहा…

nice cute poem,
we think we know too much,
it's matter of time when we know
we no nothing

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