रविवार, 20 जनवरी 2013

On Earth

I have never wished– 
to be a star
on the robe of the sky– 
or to be like the anointed souls, 
silently attend the gathering– 
of the gods.

I have never left the Earth.
I do not know the stars.


Like other plants,
Standing on the earth, 
I drink the rain and sunlight–
I breathe the breeze to live,
to survive. 

I am Not barren;
but fertile!
Filled with desire,
nurtured by sorrow,
I stand on Earth,
looking up to the moon-
I see the stars hailing,
praising me, 
caressing, bracing me. 

I look out from the tear. 
I am no more-
than the echo of a song!
Eternal is not me!
Eternity, not mine!
I am just a note,
the echo of a song!

Steered by the echoes
of the fading song,
I build my nest around-
the silence,
the absence, 
and the strokes of hands-
sliding on my skin,
like the dews of a rose.


On the walls of my house,
as small as a day,
as great as the life, 
with the dark chalk,
and the scalpel of love– 
the passers left me notes;
they carved their names-
and hopes.

On the walls of my house,
as small as a day,
as great as the life
the passers let me know-
their sorrow,
their dreams, 
their never-told words;

And these broken words,
penetrating my core,
piecing into my heart,
they rain, they stream,
from my hazy eyes,
like the falling stars!


From all the lips,
caressing my lips, 
the glow of a dew,
and the seed of a star– 
was left to grow-
in my cloudy eyes,
like keepsakes carved,
on the walls- of my house.

Then why should I wish for, 
a remote star,
blinking just at nights?

Translation: Maryam Dilmagani, September 2006, Montreal
Courtsey Persian poetry in English.

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