सोमवार, 17 अक्तूबर 2011


spent lies the sedated night
and the dawn,it's shy lover
hesitatingly draws ochre across the sky
where lifetimes ago you and i
wailed at death’s surgical precision
as it cleaved us with waves
drowned us in despair

yet, born again, under this flaming sky
same stars as the same limitless
sprinkled you into my arms
gently i gathered stardust
to decorate my life with you
my blessed gift of each progression

again and we shall part
till all my soul bears
is an imprint of you
your energy pulsates me
powers this flight across dimensions
and when free will dictates
gliding i come
born again

death’s ruthless strike
our unflinching gaze
flew us to the other side
and we rode back
on the epitome
of the spirit’s quality
the life and afterlife
the supreme energy
of love

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