रविवार, 20 नवंबर 2011


Do you know how we share
This language as a pair
The language of footsteps
That we two did create 
It’s the language of love
Which no one can translate

Its soundless words dripping
With passion unique
And rich nuances of silence
Which only we can speak
Soundless, wordless
And formless too
No grammar, no punctuation
Just seamless communication
Born of the sounds
Which can’t be pronounced
Just heard in silence
Your arrival they announce
Emotions a lonely trough
Or a buoyant crest
I can tell by the sound
Of your familiar tread
For the sound of footsteps
With bated breath we wait
 To echo across the worlds
Where we live separate
I can sense your longing
By the impassioned pace
laced with desire
Your footsteps make
And you can feel
The depth of my low
By the silence in between
As I walk on tip toe
At times it becomes
A laborious long wait
When the sound of your footsteps
Don’t echo at the gate
And when the bells of anklets
Create this alluring tune
You know that my footsteps
Beseech you to return

We live  this enchanting music
That our footsteps together create
This symphony of love
In which our hearts vibrate

For there is no one else
Who can so well communicate
In this language of footsteps
That we two did create

2 टिप्‍पणियां:

meeta ने कहा…

I am so much in love with this poem Sadhana di . What a deliciously romantic interpretation of the sound of footsteps !! And a really unique angle to our topic :) Superlike .

बेनामी ने कहा…

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