रविवार, 27 नवंबर 2011


Each night as I sit in the hallway
Of long forgotten dreams
And watch the icicles of desire
Drip onto a lonely roadside
Giving life to those trees
Where your words hang
Words of promises, of dreams
Of shared lives and common themes
And I reach out to hold each one
Gently caress it with closed eyes
And a story springs alive
Of the time and the place
And the love on your face
When you said those words
Caressing words
Embracing words
Tickling words
Hopeful words
Musical words

Unsaid words

And silence between them
Woven into this rich tapestry
Of a life that would be
Now caught in the jagged edges
Of your material aspirations
And lost sensitivity
See how it flutters in the wind
Frayed edges of bleached dreams
Where did we forget?
The right weft and weave
The giving and the taking
Recognition and respect
The love and the tenderness
The holding tight and letting go
Now I stand there haunted
Chained by your woven words
Bound by aborted dreams
At the crossroads of time
Waiting for your return
In that deserted street
Of a life that isn’t,

1 टिप्पणी:

meeta ने कहा…

Where did we forget?
The right weft and weave....
The holding tight and letting go .

Amazing poem with a quiet sadness in it!!Lovely.

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