रविवार, 4 दिसंबर 2011


I was the mountain bluebird tonight
As evening darkened, I shod my blue attire
Bartered it for your brilliant hue,
 And the tiny white crest
                                 Your power of flight,                                 
 On my borrowed time

Darkness propels me forward
In my maiden journey
As I soar across the skies
My reflection lost in the blue sea
Will I make it before sunrise?
To rest in that tiny mango grove

 A tiny frame, powered by visions of loved ones
  A doubt suddenly arrests the ascent
  Will they see me for what I am?
  No meeting for years, changed exteriors
  But the same soul,
 Through infinite lives

There lies my destination,
Nestled under the Blue Mountains
In the crimson and blue hibiscus bush
The rays of the rising sun lighting up
Those eyes that are windows to the soul

 The moment of recognition
  The eyes that remain same in each lifetime
  Yes, my worries were in vain!
 We didn’t walk past each other
   You were waiting at the end
 Of my flight of fantasy!

Sadhana .


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