सोमवार, 26 दिसंबर 2011


Tied with prayer beads
That wished for a boy
She emerged into a world
Knotted by the cord
Of bondage to honour
Hissing customs
Whispering rituals
Murmuring reminders
Of secure existence
In silent acquiescence
To incestuous touches
And family yokes
Presented like trophies
Pure marble white
No spark of life
Speech tethered to the cog
Where free will resides
Mind strung to spokes
Of the wheel of destiny


No more will she be
A bonded apparition
A festering obligation
For the gift of education
Has shone in her vision
Her sense of worth
Emerges from hibernation
Her mind is free
To live its decision
A life of her own
Is no more an illusion
As free as the wind
With dignity her दिरेक्टिओं

Sadhana .

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