मंगलवार, 17 जनवरी 2012


When dream weaver leaves word spinner
Clanging wheels and hissing engines
Echo in the lonely station
Teeming with wet stories
Of meeting and leaving
And voices coalesce
Rivulets of desire
Gather momentum
In thunderous silence
 And dream weaver sings
In the voice of falling teardrops
As the word spinner’s tale
Echoes adieu in empty hearts

Or is it adieu?

For the thread of memories
Has knotted silver specks
Tied with the unseen voice
Of snowflakes surrendering
To a rapturous earth
As they fall silently
On a world exploded
With the voice of surrender
As two souls are transformed
To dream spinner and word weaver

How can goodbyes exist?
When in the silence of surrender
They absorbed one another
 The voice of their being
Now resonates in each other!

                          - Sadhana .

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