सोमवार, 2 अप्रैल 2012

Lost Paradise .

From the soft cocoon of silence, 
From the soothing, gentle darkness 
Something woke me up with a start ...
The gnawing hunger for light,
The monstrous craving for sound,
Beating in my feverish heart.

Fumbling in the dark somehow
I started blindly on my way
As stronger grew the urge within.
The urge to see ...
To see and grasp,
To grasp and know that distant din.

See what ?
That faces change, and voices too !
That everything beautiful turns to dust 
whatever you do !

Know what ?
The agony, the pain ! 
Souls, bound in chains !
Birds encaged, flutter and die !
Broken bits of shattered sky !

This was never meant to be,
But this is all I now can see.

Tired, now I am homeward bound,
To the dark, where my peace lies ...
With a head as heavy as lead,
And a vision that burns my eyes .

Of knowledge, I have paid the price
Forever I've lost my paradise . 

                        - Meeta .

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