सोमवार, 14 मई 2012

The blessing

I watch the night when the moon moans
Tired of circling around the earth
And rears to run off of a tangent
Years of self deception of being tied
To the unyielding emotionless earth
Drops of anguish bleed in moonbeams
Dripping like stains on ice
When will the pull loosen?
Will the moon find a turn
Running away from its beaten path
To find its own glory

You the earth and I the moon
Like an object of splendor
Scintillating trophy displayed
Revolving the orbit of your expectation
Oh! What a turn it was
An assumption of your sheen
Being your own light
Shattered into glass needles
Raw burnt edges still suffocate me
Their smell the reminder
Life limps along a path
And a turn sometimes
A blessing in disguise

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