गुरुवार, 7 जून 2012


What if the silent sea
Was a treasure trove
Would I find pain buried
Or pleasure unbridled

Shared dreams may be buried
Of a house by the shore
As the sun jumped over windows
Sea spray wet us to the core

The sand of some promises
A glistening fistful of hope
Sieved through lonely lives
As tides played their stroke

The crest of the waves
Which one ride of success
Never able to fathom
What lies on the sea bed

Let’s throw a few pebbles
With forgiveness its core
And see expanding ripples
Reach back to the shore

Maybe that’s life’s lesson
We all need to absorb
What life throws at you
Needn’t strike a dull chord

For hope revels in us
Throw hope at life
Life won’t have a choice
To stifle your might

The strong sea of life
With its ebbs and tides
Has to bow in deference
As hope forever abides.

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